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Ensure your business stays connected and operational with our comprehensive Network Support Services. At Ikore, we provide end-to-end network solutions ustomised to meet your specific needs, ensuring reliability, security, and performance.

Why you need Ikore?

As business needs and markets grow, enterprises need fast, flexible and hassle-free connectivity across all their areas of operation. Our Network Services offer a comprehensive suite of Network Solution which encompasses
• Campus Networking
• Data Centre Deployments
• Private and Public Cloud Networking
• Hybrid Cloud connectivity

We are carrier neutral, and help you manage your multi-carrier environment seamlessly through a single interface, with consistent SLAs across all major operators in UK.
PerformanceWhen you need our service, we make sure it is urgent, immediate and relevant to the problem at hand. We promise to move with speed and flexibility.

Support ServicesWe understand that support is a critical offering needed to ensure success in today's networked environment. We monitor all critical parameters related to the performance of the network and the servers being hosted. Our technical and service support is dedicated to the practical pursuit of client satisfaction.

ReliabilityMy business is in safe hands, that's the feeling you'll get when you interact with us. And that's the assurance we stand by. In the hour of your need, in times of crisis, you can rely on us and our expertise to keep your business up and running.

Network Consultancy,
And Design

IKORE experts has immense experience in network design, security and network solutions including deployments in complicated secure infrastructures.
We have delivered projects addressing security loopholes and improving network performance by reducing the overall costs of the projects.
The project we have completed include
• Network Performance Audits
• Fortinet, Cisco Meraki and Aruba Wireless Networks
• Virtual Private Network (VPN)
• Multiple vendors firewall deployments
• Network routers and switches

Where possible, our job is to unleash the real potential of your network by optimising existing functionalities or adding new features.
IKORE provides consultancy services to regular audit your network to help you to improve change management processes, security devices (firewalls) upgrades and network functionalities enhancements.


IKORE provides bespoke support contracts as per your business requirements. We kept our support contracts very simple and if you are still unsure about different support packages our team will help you to understand even you are not technical. You don’t need to be worried as we amend the contract without any extra fines if you change your mind to have next level of support which actually suit your business needs.
We help our customers to avoid network down time situations where business has to bear lost income, waste resources time and unhappy customer experiences. Our team always up to assist you if you still face downtime or any network issue and stand with you all time until you get back to speed. However, we introduce network functionality enhancements where possible to improve core business applications availability and pointing out network single point of failure (SPOF)


The Organisations thinking to improve their IT infrastructure typically look to adopt solution mix of public and private cloud know as Hybrid cloud model.
IKORE is continuously assisting their clients to understand Hybrid cloud model in such a way where they can take the maximum benefits of cloud services. The cloud costing structure can be complex and could get out of control if not appropriately managed but with the help of IKORE you can suppress or keep in control the costs and pay for the services which you actually needed in your infrastructure


Network automation can help the enterprises to improve the efficiency of network by automate the operations. IKORE experts are working with their clients to take the benefit of automate the device recovery, inventory, device provisioning, configuration and change management.
The benefits are
• Lower operational expenses
• Configurations error control to reduce numbers
• Time saving
• Increase Network performance

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